August In The Vineyard

In the Vineyard

Some of our grapes have now entered the veraison phase. “Veraison,” a French term, is used in viticulture to describe “the onset of ripening.”  Veraison is the critical turning point in the grapes’ journey, when the sugar levels begin to rise, acid levels fall, and the grapes’ green color turns to red. Berries start to soften, lose chlorophyll, and red pigments begin to accumulate in the skin. Sugar also begins to accumulate along with flavor and aroma components, and the concentration of organic acids declines. The amount of sugar in the berry depends on the level of leaf photosynthesis and the number of competing clusters on the vine. This is why we drop fruit at Mitchella.  The balance between sugar (as well as the potential alcohol level) and acids is one of the most critical aspects of producing quality wine. We will eventually evaluate both the must weight (amount of sugar in the grape must) and total acidity, along with physical components when it comes time to determine ripeness. Berry ripening during this stage lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.

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