Did You Know May 2017

Did You Know?

Decanting wine: Is simply pouring the wine gently from the bottle into a container; while not disturbing the sediment. Traditionally decanting was used to remove sediment and  crystallized tartrates that form as the wine ages (sediment and tartrates are harmless).  At Mitchella we believe that handling the wine as little as possible adds to the quality and character of the wine, so sometimes our wines will have sediment.
Today decanting is commonly used to allow the wine to breathe by introducing oxygen so the aromas and flavors can gain depth and complexity. Decanting also helps soften the tannins and helps to mellow young wines that can be a bit astringent. When decanting young red wines; it is best to decant and serve after  10 - 30 minutes. Red wines that have been aged for ten years or more can be decanted and served immediately.
Keep in mind that many inexpensive to moderately-priced wines, as well as some more expensive wines, are intended for immediate consumption and will probably not improve with aging or decanting, and typically white wines are not decanted.

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